Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some challenges in Form Explorations.

Friends ,I would like to share my experience (may be your's also) during my form exploration weeks.These are actually some simple challenges you may also face during the same .These might help you beforehand in your preparation and understanding .Such as:

1) SCALE:-
Its about estimating the scale (size and proportions) of the 3D form you are going to make.

2) AX IL:-
The forms which are made about an axis (you can also call as symmetrical) , are somewhat easier to make.But the real challenge is while imagining a form with multiple axis (or call it as unsymmetrical).

3) SEE =/=MAKE:
What you see or imagine becomes hard to make .

4) 3D Imagination:
Imagining a form in 3D and then orientation of it from all sides , is the first step to be overcome.

It happens a lot with me that you try to make a form which is no taking the shape you want and suddenly in a corner you find a scrap with having a beautiful form.Then you start playing around with that scrap forgetting what you were making.The point is this exercise is also useful in enhancing your ability in terms of beauty of form.

The final and the most important thing is sketching down your form in 3D on paper.You try to interpret ate and play around with your desired form from all sides.The key is , try making the form first in 2D and slowly adding elements to it in 3D .

So Friends , the above stated facts and ideas are from my learning during my course.Please do post your comments if you still have some query.

Bye for Now

Animesh Shrivastava.


  1. you said that what we see or imagine is hard to make it. Then how will we make it simple?
    what is form and what is an object?

  2. Dear Pushplata,

    Here the meaning relates to imagining through our conscious mind.When we desire or say imagine something in our mind we see the picture in 2d .So we try to perceive or sketch the picture or imagination as and how we saw.But when we try to pen down it in 3D or say the other side , then is where the real challenge comes to us.The other side then for us may be the same as our imagination so then we come up with symmetry which is always easy to express.But if the other side has totally new kind of surface generations and curves irrespective of our imagination then ita a complex.So here i am talking about that complexity.

    Whereas when we talk about Form , its an existence of an idea which is independent of any name.Its an individual identity.We see and name it as association .
    But object is somethin which is always having a specific name and or identity in our conscious mind.u see the object and u name it.This will b similar to group of people having the same idea of the object.
    For example u c a bottle on a table.Its an object becaous for evryone its abottle.Even if i make it a solid maintaining its form ,then also for most it will b an object associated.So form is independent of identity whereas object is not.

    Thank you