Friday, April 10, 2009

Form Exploration continued...

Dear Friends,
Presenting you various forms exploration by my friends on different songs and

Rohan Jadhav - Genre Trance.

Mahesh Shinde - Raag Piloo

Abhilash Sudhindran - I like the way you move by Bodyrockers

Mushtaq Anis - Metallica

Namit Bisht - My Way by Limp Bizkit

Rajib Kalita - Waltz for Zizzi by Kanno Yoko

Snehal Pawar - Kandisa by Indian Ocean

Darshan Patil -Kandisa by Indian Ocean.

Form Exploration

Dear Friends,
Here i am with my first pictures of , never displayed form exploration.The form has been inspired from the song "Return of Innocence-Enigma".The form says , in my words , the story of flow , innocent nature and mostly devotional and spiritual.I have tried to put all these characters in my form.

Happy Ghissoing

Photography Design -In local News

Divya bhasker has published this today. Very interesting

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Dear Friends,
Here are some of the words we explored to define FORM:
Turbulent,Growth , Robust , Skewed , Tight , Fluid , Wild , Voluptous , Grotesque , Concave , Slimy , Slick , Divergent , Muscular , Stucture , Masculine , Feminine , Dynamic , Static , Interesting , Symmetric , Sporty , Sharp , Edgy , Aggresive , Bulbous , Energy , Balance , Wavy , Posture , Silhouette , Dominating , Concentration , Dissolve , Resolve , Cusp , Scoop , Manipulated , Coherent , Bifurcate , Outline , Crease , Highlights , Alluring , Shadow , Expressive , Infinite , Amazement , Imposing , features , Elegant , Surfaces , Curves , Macho , Emotional , Flats , Convex , Elements , Eccentricity , Shift , Slots , Perception , Penetration , Volume , Aesthetic , Desire , Positive , Negative , Instinctive , Deriving , Pleasure , Space , Branched , Reflection , Irregular , Rhythmic , Tangible , Cultural , Harmonious , Contrast , Fresh , Imposing , Spiral , Sleek , Complex , Organic , Pleasing , Eyesore , Sensation , Squared , Integrating , Join , Seduction , Relativity , Proportionate , Abstract , Underwent , Contour , Curvature , Piercing , Identification .

So enjoy Ghissoing..................

Animesh Shrivastava

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some challenges in Form Explorations.

Friends ,I would like to share my experience (may be your's also) during my form exploration weeks.These are actually some simple challenges you may also face during the same .These might help you beforehand in your preparation and understanding .Such as:

1) SCALE:-
Its about estimating the scale (size and proportions) of the 3D form you are going to make.

2) AX IL:-
The forms which are made about an axis (you can also call as symmetrical) , are somewhat easier to make.But the real challenge is while imagining a form with multiple axis (or call it as unsymmetrical).

3) SEE =/=MAKE:
What you see or imagine becomes hard to make .

4) 3D Imagination:
Imagining a form in 3D and then orientation of it from all sides , is the first step to be overcome.

It happens a lot with me that you try to make a form which is no taking the shape you want and suddenly in a corner you find a scrap with having a beautiful form.Then you start playing around with that scrap forgetting what you were making.The point is this exercise is also useful in enhancing your ability in terms of beauty of form.

The final and the most important thing is sketching down your form in 3D on paper.You try to interpret ate and play around with your desired form from all sides.The key is , try making the form first in 2D and slowly adding elements to it in 3D .

So Friends , the above stated facts and ideas are from my learning during my course.Please do post your comments if you still have some query.

Bye for Now

Animesh Shrivastava.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why "FORM DESIGN 2009"???

Dear Friends,
When we talk about the word FORM or when we say word FORM then what comes in our mind?What we see?Can we explain it clearly?I tell you frankly for me , really difficult.Its because when I talk in FORM language I rarely have words to express it.I can't .I have to go to some dictionary to search for the vocabulary.Then I have to search some Internet site looking for some help.But I find no one no where.
Literally speaking there's none site or dictionary that can define the word FORM in terms we want.Specially in design way when the young designers want to express themselves in terms , they have to give a hard time to explore and interpret ate.
So that's the reason why "FORM DESIGN2009" has been created.As I mentioned earlier there hasn't been a single resource on the net where we can interpret ate and explore different meanings of the word "FORM " in design sense.The idea of creating this blog as resource struck to me when I myself went through this course of "ELEMENTS OF FORM" in NID .The experience of my own , what defines a form?How to manipulate it?What creates it? and overall a common question "what exactly is form and what are the different way you express it verbally?"
Finally speaking, I have not created this blog to create a dictionary of word form , mind you.But to create a resource where people from different disciplines can contribute their understanding and learning for the same , so that a useful reservoir like never before can be created which at times can contribute a lot to one's learning. So I request whomsoever reads this to please find a little time in giving what you know and what you think in comments.Even can give useful links and reference books names etc.So welcome!

Thank you
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